Our Services

Phonics and Reading Intervention

Garrett Austen is a trained Orton-Gillingham Phonics instructor though Orton-Gillingham International. He has been practicing OG in his classroom and with individual students for three years and has seen tremendous growth in fluency, spelling, and comprehension. Kiersten, who has a master's in reading in literacy also uses OG to help students reach grade-level fluency. OG has been proven effective for students diagnosed with dyslexia or dysgraphia in addition to students falling below grade level in reading. 

Organization and TAsk Management

Often, students have the ability to be successful, but haven't mastered the necessary study or work skills to succeed. We know it can be hard for busy parents to keep on top of their student's workload. Whether they are transitioning to a new school, falling behind on their work, need someone to coach them through time-management and organization, or your family simply needs a point person to help manage your child's classes, Teton Tutors is here to help. We have experience with Journeys School’s online system, Haiku and their IB or MYP grading system. We also have experience navigating the public school’s system, Canvas.

Math Help

Our tutoring practice focuses on gaining confidence and number sense. We know that for long term success it's much more important for students to understand the 'why' of math, rather take shortcuts to complete a unit. Garrett has taught elementary math for four years and helped to develop a competency based system, and Kevin is a certified middle and high school math teacher with an undergraduate degree in mathematics.

Writing Help

Garrett received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland in English Language and Literature. He went on to receive his Masters in Secondary English Language Curriculum and Development from the same institution. Additionally, he has been mentoring International Baccalaureate students in their extended essays for five years. He has taught English in elementary, middle and high school. Kiersten has been teaching literacy to students in grades k-6 and specializes in helping younger students express themselves through writing. Whether your child is a younger student struggling to get ideas onto paper, or an older student working on AP or college essays, we can help. 


Whether your child is a beginner coder in elementary school learning the basics of drag and drop coding or a middle schooler looking to learn Python or JavaScript, we’ve got you covered. We believe that our ability to teach coding fills a niche that many of the local schools don’t have the ability to fill.

Summer Tutoring

The summer slide is real. Our tutors are here throughout the summer to keep your child on track and prepared for their next year of school. We will find and fill holes in their education and preview upcoming material so they enter their next grade feeling confident and prepared

Spanish Tutoring

Teton Tutors employs some of the best Spanish tutors in the area. Whether your child is struggling with Spanish language class, you are looking to master another language, or are even looking for Spanish activities for the whole family in preparation for a trip, we have you covered.

Remote Tutoring

Teton Tutors offers remote tutoring for families that travel, split their time between two locations, or children who split their time between two homes. We provide the same level of instruction through video and screen sharing applications.

Travel Tutoring

Traveling the world or just going on vacation and want some extra learning while away from Jackson. Teton Tutors can travel with you, remediate, and integrate your location into your child’s learning. Ask us about our experiences!