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Minecraft, Programming, and Raspberry Pi Oh My!

Programming: Learn the basics of computer programming on the Raspberry Pi, a low cost education focused computer (https://www.raspberrypi.org/). Students will use the programming language Python (https://www.python.org/) to shape the world around them in Minecraft. Python is a high level programming language with a simple syntax which makes it perfect for learning how to program. This is a project based approach to learning programming concepts, starting with booting up the Raspberry Pi.

Problem Solving: Programming and problem solving go hand in hand. Students will learn how to tackle a large task. Breaking down a large goal in smaller pieces and then solving for each piece. We will be starting by getting the tools to talk together finally finishing with a larger cohesive program that students will have written themselves.

Mathematics: Minecraft is a three dimensional world built in a perfect grid. Writing code to interact with this grid exposes students to core mathematical concepts. Using math outside of school reinforces its practicality.

All Levels Welcome: Programming experience is helpful but NOT required. First few sessions will be focusing on basics of programming in python, the remainder will be applying those skills to Minecraft.

WHEN: 4:30-5:30 - Tuesdays and Thursdays - April 9 - May 2

WHERE: Teton County Library

PRICE: $400 per student

*Club Requires 3 Participants Minimum to Run

*No Supplies Necessary