Game Master:


Tom has spent his life chasing the dream of earning the title of “Renaissance Man”. It is just as likely to find him playing 3rd base for Team Cirque at the local softball diamond as it is to see him roleplaying Bomar Shadowaxe, the most interesting Dwarf in the World. In his 3 decades on this planet he has earned such accolades as band geek, historian, Eagle Scout, computer nerd, graphic designer, video gamer, mountain bike instructor, dungeon master, planeswalker, master bootfitter, and web administrator. He is a firm believer that traditional education, while important, is only one piece of the puzzle to gaining the skills for a successful life both professionally and personally. What he learned through his extracurricular activities and penchant towards complicated nerdy games has been just as valuable in his adulthood as his college degree. He loves sharing these passions with others and helping them gain confidence embracing the community, and creativity that can be established when you stop worrying about being cool and simply realize that fun, is cool.  

Dungeons and Dragons:

Foster Creativity: Dungeons and Dragons is a role playing game in which players use their imagination to create the setting, characters, and dialogue as they go along.  "DnD is a textual, story telling, world-creating experience, a great apprenticeship for a budding author," claims Jon Michaud in his New Yorker Article, Dungeons and Dragons Saved my Life. It's good for your brain like reading or story telling.

Practice Reading: DnD opens players to a world of new and advanced vocabulary including words such as “melee,” “portcullis,” “kobold,” “thaumaturge,” “paladin,” “charisma,” “halberd,” “wyvern,” “homunculus,” “scimitar,” “buckler,” “basilisk,” and “cockatrice.” Combine this with the player's manual and we're interpreting text in a way that forces comprehension in order to play. 

Social Skills: DnD forces players to interact face to face, solve puzzles, compromise, and persuade their friends. In this way, students are practicing socializing for real world situations. 

Math Skills: Students are basically completing word-problems throughout the game. Players are forced to make multi-step calculations using dice and reading text. Some of the operations can take up to four or five steps! 


WHEN: 4:15-5:30 - Week of Feb. 4th Through May 31 (Excluding March 25-April 5 for Spring Break)

(The day of the week will be decided based on availability of players. Please click the “Sign Up” button below to notify us of your availability each day)

WHERE: Teton County Library

PRICE: $50 per student per session