Digital Music

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Produce your own digital music

Teton Tutors is partnering with GAIN to present a digital music production club this summer. Bring an instrument from home, or come try something completely new! GAIN will bring an entire backline of electronic and acoustic instruments including but certainly not limited to keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, drums, theremin, turntables, Ableton Live controllers, and more! We'll start with the basics of playing together as a band, and progress towards song-writing, recording, maybe even designing our own light shows! No equipment or experience necessary! Come rock out in the library this summer!


Grove Miller is a local musician, recording engineer and teacher who is helping Teton-area schools and after-school programs put a fresh spin on Arts education. A few years after relocating to Wilson, WY from his hometown of Charlottesville, VA, Grove launched GAIN Inc. (Global Arts & Innovation Network), a 501c3 non-profit specializing in Digital Arts Education. With the recent launch of their two brand new mobile recording studios, Grove hopes that GAIN will be able to bring higher quality Arts education to those schools and communities where such resources were out of reach.